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Common Q&A's

How do I book with you? Call, Text, E-Mail?

       I offer an online booking service. Click HERE to book. If you have any questions aside from the ones listed, feel free to email me at​

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

        Please contact me via email,, as soon as you know you need to cancel your appointment. Please read my cancellation policy HERE.

Do I have to have a consultation?

         If you are a new guest, consultations are required before booking your appointment. Being able to visually see your hair and its density, texture, condition, etc, will allow me to book accordingly. Consultations give you an idea of how much time the service will  take and cost. You'll also be familiar with the salon and how to get here.

Where do I enter the salon?

         There are two entrances, one on S Hudson Ave and one on E Green St The entrance on E Green St. is closest to my studio. If you enter via E. Green St, go to the right and my studio is the 3rd door on the right, #19. If you happen to enter from Hudson Ave, go to your left, and go down the hall way until you reach studio 19 on the left.

Do you have parking?

         Yes. There is a parking structure attached to the building I am located in. Parking is free for the first 2 hours. Don't forget to bring  your parking ticket with you, you will need to validate it prior to leaving. Entrance to the parking lot is on N Hudson Ave, on the left  hand side where it says "790". Park anywhere and avoid "Reserved" parking spots.

Can I bring my pet?

         I WISH! The only animal that can enter the building is a service animal. No other animals are permitted.

Which building are you in?

         The building is located on the NW corner of E Green St and S. Hudson Ave in Pasadena CA. There are brown awnings that say Regency Salon Studios on them.

Can I bring my kid(s) to my appointment?

         Because my space is limited, I respectfully ask that you not bring ANY company with you, including children. 

What if I can't get in with you?

         There is always the possibility of not being able to get in with me on a certain day or time. I strongly recommend pre-booking your next appointment. This will give you peace of mind of having your desired day and time.

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