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Hello friend


I'm Julianne, but you can also call me Jules. I'm really excited you've found me! My studio is my little slice of heaven; and soon to be yours too. I'm very friendly and outgoing. I'm the type of stylist that enjoys getting to know her clients, in fact, many start to feel like they're a close friend. 

I'm 30 years old and got started at 18. I always get asked, "what made you decide to become a hairdresser?" And the honest answer? I didn't know I wanted to. Back in my teen years, a cousin of mine went to cosmetology school and I would ask her to do these crazy looks on me. I look back now and cringe but whatever, it was fun! By the time high school was ending, I had to decide what my next move was and that landed me in cosmetology school. I ended up really enjoying it and found an unknown talent of mine.



A welcoming bright space, with live tropical plants, natural wood accents and calming crystals. 

it's a whole vibe

Enjoy a relaxing environment when it comes to getting your hair done. My salon is peaceful, warmed by sunlight that comes through the floor to ceiling window. You have this space to yourself. You can grab anything you would like out of the fridge and snack on whatever calls to you from the snack bar.



A family owned business with sustainability in mind. Davines is a salon exclusive line of quality professional haircare. All of their ingredients are carefully sourced from a specific farm local to the production facilities in Parma Italy. If you are keen on finding beauty care products you can trust, Davines is the line you need in your beauty arsenal.

 Happy Clients

"I met Julianne like two years ago and gosh she is so amazing!! She does one heck of a killer job with hair and owns it! On top of that, she really cares for the health of your hair and will leave you so happy" 

I searched salons and stylist and finally landed on one that directed me to Julianne. The second I met her, I knew I had found my new hair home in her

"I started getting tape-in extensions since I have fine hair and wanted more volume and fullness. I've been loving my long hair. Game changer!! Julianne has got skills. Plus she is super sweet, honest, trustworthy and she has the best sense of humor." 

"Love, love, love my hair stylist Julianne!  I've been travelling all the way from Chino Hills to Pasadena for the past 4 yrs just to see her. I trust no one else with my hair"

"Best. Stylist. Ever! No joke! Julianne is pretty amazing! I'm picky with my hair, as are most women. The first time I went to her, I was nervous, but within minutes, I felt at ease"

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