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Common Hair Extension Questions

Do I need to book a consultation?

         Yes, It's very important to match up your hair color, with the extensions and I'll need to feel/observe the density of your hair so that I can order the right amount and be able to quote you properly. 

How long does it take to have them put in?

         About two hours.

What if I need to color my roots, can I still do that? 

        Yes! If a root touch up appointment is needed in between your next extension touch up, I can still apply color without harming the tape.

Can I bring my own hair?

         No, I prefer working with professional brands I am familiar with so I can better guarantee my work.

Can I wash & style them as usual?

         Yes! But, the way you shampoo your scalp will mildly change. It's important to gently massage shampoo between the rows of extensions. Be sure to rinse very well! You can style them as usual whether it's with your favorite curling iron or a blowout, BUT do not apply direct heat on the strip of tape. Again, be gentle! and never go to bed with wet hair.


How long do they last/What is the maintenance like?

 An extension retouch should not go over 2 months. Its important to stay on top of touching up your extensions to prevent unnecessary breakage of your natural hair. You can reuse your extensions about 3 times, or until the bond starts to break down, it depends on how well you take care of them. 

Are they damaging, will they pull my hair out?

         They are not damaging and they do not pull out your hair. However, improper care can lead to matting, scalp dryness, and unfortunate hair loss. It really depends on how you choose to take care of them while they're in your hair. I give my clients an aftercare sheet after a consultation so that they can study over it, making sure they want to commit to taking care of the extensions. On the day of the appointment to have them put it, you will need to sign a contract stating you have read and understood how to maintain and take care of the extensions once they are in your hair.

Can I color them?

         Using bleach on the extensions is not recommended. If the extensions are too light, It is safe to use a toner to bring down that level of lightness.

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